Frequently Asked Questions

What is NNU Online?

NNU Online is the segment of Northwest Nazarene University that offers degrees online, either graduate or undergraduate. Found in the College of Adult and Graduate Studies (CAGS), NNU Online includes College Core, the Adult and Professional Programs (APP), the Doctoral Degree in Education, and the new four-year Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies program.

What is the online Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies?

The Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies is NNU's first undergraduate degree that is available for completion entirely online. Course offerings in this program are designed for traditionally aged college students (16-23), but some older students may benefit from the offerings and pace of the program.

Currently, the online Bachelor of Arts program offers a major in Liberal Studies with an emphasis in either Humanities or Social Sciences.

Are Associate Degrees available within NNU Online?

Yes, Associate Degrees (A.A.) are offered in multiple areas of study: Education, Business, Christian Studies and Liberal Studies. Through the A.A. options, some students may be eligible to pursue a specified major in one of our APP programs. Please contact us for further information.

Who is eligible to take courses through the online B.A. in Liberal Studies program?

The online B.A. in Liberal Studies program has no age requirements, but adult students (23+) should consider whether pursuing a degree from NNU's College Core or APP programs would better fit their needs. As a result, there are a number of student groups who may benefit from courses taken through the online B.A. in Liberal Studies:

  • Any student from their junior year in high school to their early 20's interested in an online Christian education where spiritual growth, community and faculty mentorship is desired. Students who do not have at least junior standing in their school must appeal for admittance.
  • An older student who desires to earn an online B.A. in a non-accelerated degree program (as opposed to our College Core and APP programs).
  • Traditional on-campus students with challenges in scheduling or a preference for online courses (traditional on-campus students are eligible to take one class online per semester).
  • Students already enrolled in our College Core or Adult and Professional Programs who desire to diversify their schedule.
  • Express education students (high school students who wish to enroll in university classes while maintaining their enrollment and participation in high school or home school).

How are classes structured in the online liberal studies program?

With the exception of an online orientation course, courses in the online B.A. in Liberal Studies program are 8 weeks in length. Students work through each class at the same pace with each other, with particular due dates during each week, required discussion and participation, etc.

Students enrolled in the online B.A. in Liberal Studies may also take up to 3 credits per semester from the traditional on-campus face-to-face program. See below for cost structure.

What is the cost for the online A.A. or B.A. in Liberal Studies?

Students enrolled and pursuing the online A.A. or B.A. in Liberal Studies pay $315 per credit. The per credit cost will follow the student based on the program in which they are enrolled (i.e., APP or Express Education students taking courses in the online B.A. in Liberal Studies program will pay the standard APP or Express Education rate).

Is financial aid available for the online A.A. or B.A. in Liberal Studies?

If enrolled and seeking a degree part-time (6 credits per semester) or full-time (12 credits per semester), students are eligible for financial aid. Non-degree seeking students are not eligible for financial aid.

Please see here for further information on financial aid.

I'm enrolled in the College Core program but I want to take a class in the online B.A. in Liberal Studies program (or vice versa). Can I "move" without leaving my original program?

Yes. Flexibility between undergraduate-level coursework in NNU Online programs is allowed when appropriate. Contact your advisor to find if this move is possible.

What kinds of student services are available to students in the online A.A. and B.A. in Liberal Studies programs?

On campus: Students will be issued an ID card that provides access to library resources, sporting events, and the campus workout facility.

Online: Students will have access to advising services, library resources, tutoring, orientation, writing assistance and academic counseling. Future expansions to our online support offerings will include an online writing center, degree audit services, and career counseling.